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News out of Chicago

A couple of deals brewing in Chicago...

To follow up on brian's diary, the Phillies and ChiSox have apparently reached a deal to send Jim Thome to Chicago for Aaron Rowand. The Phillies have apparently said the deal is contingent on the players passing physicals, and obviously, Philly will have to pick up a hefty chunk of the Thome contract.

Meanwhile, someone I know in Chicago says that they are reporting up there that Bobby Howry has signed with the Cubs for 3 years, $12 million.

If true, it is another baffling allocation of resources by the Cubs. The Eyre contract made little sense -- I'm willing to bet that Jesse Carlson would be just about as productive as Eyre over the next three years -- and now they've added Howry, a solid but not dominating setup man.

I don't get it.

Update [2005-11-23 22:16:52 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Howry signing has been confirmed...