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Conflicting stories on Soriano

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody...

And one of the things we can be thankful for this morning is that the Mets may still be interested in Alfonso Soriano after all...

There are all sorts of conflicting stories in the New York papers on Soriano this morning...

As I mentioned last night, the New York Daily News says that the Mets have ruled out pursuing Soriano.

Ben Shpigel, with the New York Times, echoes that sentiment, saying that it is "unlikely" that the Mets will go after Soriano.

However, Bob Klapisch of the Bergen Record reports that once the Delgado deal is done, the Mets will "explore" a Soriano trade, and the New York Post is also reporting that the Rangers are pursuing a Soriano trade.

So, maybe Soriano to the Mets is still alive. Cameron and Petit are gone, and Lastings Milledge still seems unlikely -- particularly since kicking in Adrian Gonzalez along with Soriano, as some have suggested, no longer is an option, with Delgado going to New York -- but there are still some possibilities worth exploring with the Mets.