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A bizarre Mench/Soriano trade rumor

James Renwick of Inside the Ivy has one of the more bizarre trade rumors I've seen this offseason.

Renwick first reports that his source with the Cubs says that the Cubs are closing to finalizing a six year deal worth close to $100 million with Rafael Furcal. Then Renwick drops the Rangers-related bombshell:

The news that Furcal was coming to the North Side would have easily been enough, but our source also had one more juicy bit of info.

The Cubs might make one more deal that could give them arguably the greatest infield in the history of baseball.

The rumor goes that the Cubs are close to finalizing a seven player deal with the Texas Rangers that would bring Alfonso Soriano and Kevin Mench to the Cubs in exchange for Jerome Williams , Todd Walker , and three minor leaguers, one of whom is believed to be right hander David Aardsma , and another shortstop Ronny Cedeno . According to our source the two clubs have agreed on which players would be dealt, but what is holding it up is exactly what kind of deal Soriano will want in Chicago.

If true, that probably wouldn't be a bad deal. Williams goes into the rotation, Walker goes to second base, and Cedeno and Aardsma are pretty decent prospects.

I have my doubts, however, that this has much basis in reality.