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Will Carroll with various and sundry rumors

Will Carroll has his "Will's Mill" collection of whispers around the league up, regarding what is being talked about leading up to the winter meetings.

On the Rangers front, he says that there is talk of the Cubs making a deal for either Kevin Mench or Alfonso Soriano, giving up a couple of arms in their system to make a deal. He also characterizes a Matt Clement to Texas deal as "unlikely."

Also of interest, he says that Brian Giles' people are saying that they are going to take the best deal, and won't be taking less to go play for St. Louis. Carroll predicts that Giles ends up back in Cleveland.

To beat my dead horse a little more, the Rangers need to be pursuing Brian Giles. He fills the hole in right field, or can play left. He's got good range, is a great OBP guy, has power, and has aged well. He'd be a perfect fit in the #3 spot in the lineup, ahead of Mark Teixeira.

If he's going to take the best deal, then there's no reason why he shouldn't be a Ranger. Give him 3 years, $36 million, and get the deal done.