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Boston interested in Soriano?

The Boston Herald is reporting that the Red Sox are one of the legion of teams interested in Alfonso Soriano.

Boston does have an opening at second base, and even though they are currently g.m.-less, it would make a certain amount of sense that they would have an interest in Soriano, if for no other reason than because he used to play for the Yankees.

The question, of course, comes back to, how much are the Red Sox willing to give up for Soriano? With Ramirez and Sanchez gone in the Beckett trade, and Papelbon and Lester likely off the table, Brandon Moss and Kelly Shoppach are the two prospects who would seem to be candidates to be moved in such a trade. The other possibility would be for the Red Sox to give up Bronson Arroyo, whom they have supposedly been talking about dealing, and who could slide in the Rangers rotation immediately.