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Some positivity for a Monday morning

Kathleen O'Brien's article in the S-T this morning provides some positivity for us Rangers fans...

The highlights:

  1. Jon Daniels says he hasn't ruled out offering arbitration to Kenny Rogers.
  2. Payroll should be in the $60-69 million range, before the money kicked in to the Yankees for ARod is counted
  3. The goal in the offseason is to add two starters, two relievers and a corner outfielder who can get on base
  4. Barajas and Laird should be the catchers next season, with Barajas as the starter
Now, of course, we have to see how the plan is executed...the plan won't do any good if Daniels & Co. fail in implementing it. But all four of the above items make me optimistic about the offseason.