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Hart, Burnett, and Soriano

The L.A. Daily News says that John Hart has emerged as the leading candidate for the Dodgers' g.m. job...although part of that is due to the fact that, per that story, every other g.m. candidate with "anything close to Hart's credentials" has already withdrawn from consideration.

I liked this little snippet from the article:

Hershiser said Monday he had heard nothing from the Dodgers lately except for an innocuous phone call from McCourt last week, "just to say hi."

I can just imagine how that went..."Orel, it is Frank. McCourt. Just wanted to say hi. Let you know I'm thinking about you. Are you thinking about me? You aren't still thinking about going back to those Rangers sluts, are you?"

Evan Grant also notes the "confusion" over Hart's status. Of more interest, though, Grant indicates that, once Hershiser leaves, either Dom Chiti or Rick Adair would move into the major league coaching staff. I'm surprised to see Chiti as a candidate, particularly if Hart goes to L.A. and Hershiser becomes the manager for the Dodgers. In that sort of scenario, Chiti would seem like a likely candidate to assume an assistant g.m. or similar role with the Dodgers.

Grant also says that Kevin Mench, Laynce Nix, and Adrian Gonzalez are drawing interest from other teams.

A.J. Burnett's agent indicates that the Rangers have been aggressive in pursuing Burnett, although it seems that public comments along those lines are most often made by agents to try to stir up interest among other teams. I still think it is an extreme longshot that Burnett ends up here.

Meanwhile, Phil Rogers identifies Alfonso Soriano as a possible target for the ChiSox, who apparently will be looking to trade pitching for hitting.