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Verducci with trade buzz

Tom Verducci has some notes on trade talks from the G.M. meetings...

The Yanks are apparently shopping Jorge Posada, who is owed $8 million for 2006, and has a vesting option for $12 million for 2007 that kicks in if he catches 63 games next year. Posada used to be a very nice player, but he's aging fast, and I'd steer very clear of him.

Per Verducci, there are also apparently discussions that Milton Bradley and Brad Wilkerson are on the trading block. I'd love to see either one of them (or both, for that matter) in Texas. Bradley is a headcase with injury problems, but assuming the cost isn't prohibitive, he'd be a worthwhile gamble to take to fill the Rangers' centerfield hole. Meanwhile, Wilkerson is a strong OBP guy with some pop, who can play any of the three outfield positions. If he's really available, he's definitely someone the Rangers should be targeting.