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Colon wins, Santana gets hosed

Bartolo Colon wins the A.L. Cy Young Award, with Johan Santana getting screwed and finishing in second.

Apparently, leading the league in wins, like Colon did, is enough to win you the award.

Santana, meanwhile, was first in the A.L. in ERA+, WHIP, Ks, and K/IP, and second in ERA (just .01 behind Kevin Millwood), innings (5 behind Buehrle), and K/BB ratio.

Colon? 8th in ERA, 3rd in WHIP, 7th in innings, 8th in Ks, didn't crack the top 10 in ERA+ or K/IP.

Colon seems to have won by virtue of the fact he threw a lot of very good innings for a playoff team. Santana threw a lot of great innings for a team that missed out on the playoffs, so he's out of luck.

Very disappointing.
Update [2005-11-8 17:43:11 by Adam J. Morris]: -- As Longhorn pointed out, Santana finished third, not second.

That's what happens when I get all riled up...I miss out on details...

Thanks to Longhorn for pointing that out...