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Leftover rumors...

With the winter meetings over, the rumor mill seems to have quieted down, but there are still a few things out there...

Per the S-T, the Rangers have made an offer to free agent Braden Looper, who would take over the role of setup man for Francisco Cordero.

This would seemingly lock in the bullpen for 2006, barring injury. Leicester, Castro and Benoit can't be sent to the minors without clearing waivers (and none of them likely would); Wasdin, Cordero and Looper would have guaranteed contracts; and Brian Shouse is likely to be re-upped. That's your 7 man bullpen, unless someone gets hurt, or unless the Rangers decide not to keep Castro.

The S-T also seems to think -- as do I -- that Matt Morris isn't terribly interested in coming to Texas. The Rangers have apparently upped their offer to 3 years, $25 million, but Morris still hasn't accepted, and it is looking more and more likely he's going to stay in the N.L.

The Twins apparently are still interested in Hank Blalock, but Daniels appears to have dug in on wanting Francisco Liriano in return, and the Twins aren't willing to do that.

And the Newark Star-Ledger is reporting that the Yankees have asked about GMJ and Laynce Nix, but thought the Rangers were asking for too much. Not sure what too much is, but if the Rangers could get something decent from the Yanks for GMJ, that would seem to be a good fit.