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T.R. Sullivan with the Rangers' plan B, C, D...

The Rangers top free agent target, Matt Morris, is not coming to Texas. With Plan A off the board, T.R. Sullivan gives the rundown of some other options.

Among the free agents available, Sullivan says Jarrod Washburn seems to be the Rangers next target. I don't know how I feel about that...I've got some concerns about Washburn.

Sullivan says that the Blue Jays want Brad Wilkerson, and might part with Ted Lilly to get him, but that the Rangers don't want to give up Wilkerson. Good. I'd rather they deal Mench than Wilkerson, even if it means getting less in return.

Sullivan mentions the Astros' interest in Mench, but also points out that the Astros don't want to move Brandon Backe or Chad Qualls, which would seem to quash any deal. He also lists Boston, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Baltimore, and Minnesota as possible trade partners, with the usual names being tossed around with those teams.

Amongst the scrap-heapers, we have Brett Tomko (who has apparently already turned down a two-year deal from Texas), Jason Johnson, Byung-hyun Kim and Sidney Ponson. Of that group, Johnson would probably be my preference. He's not very good, but could probably give you 30 starts with a 5.25 ERA and not cost much money.

Really, at this point, it appears that the rotation is going to be Chris Young, Juan Dominguez, Kam Loe, and some combo of R.A. Dickey and a couple of bleah starting pitchers. Disappointing, to say the least.