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Stark on Clemens

Jayson Stark had a piece on SportsCenter, where he handicapped where Roger Clemens would be in 2006. He gave the Rangers a 30% chance.

If Clemens wants to come to Texas, Tom Hicks needs to make that happen. Yeah, it will bust the budget, but it will also generate a lot more ticket sales, a lot more interest in the team, make Texas more of a "marquee" destination that will make the Rangers more attractive to other free agents, and silence those of us who keep ripping Hicks for not spending money (at least, for a while).

And from a baseball standpoint, Roger Clemens would make this team a playoff contender, and possibly the favorite in the A.L. West, depending on what the mysterious Mench/Gonzalez/Laird/whomever trade can fetch.

I haven't brought it up yet, because I do think it is pretty unlikely, and really, I don't want to get my hopes up.

But Clemens in Texas, on a one year deal...that would be huge...