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On Daniels' reputation

Quite a few items from the winter meetings reference g.m.s finding Jon Daniels difficult to deal with, in terms of his trade demands.

And it seems like, almost unanimously, the reaction among Rangers fans has been, "That's great! Those veteran g.m.s need to see that Daniels won't be taken advantage of!"

Which is fine, as far as that goes...Hafner-for-Diaz trades, where we greatly overpay to get a short-term solution, need to be avoided.

But on the other hand, refusing to make a deal unless you are taking the other side to the cleaners doesn't serve much of a purpose, either. And it isn't the sort of thing that would seem to make folks eager to do business with the Rangers going forward.

I don't know what is going on behind the scenes. I don't know whether Daniels is being reasonable, if he's asking for the moon just because it is early December and he might as well, or if he's really dug in on getting an unrealistic return for someone like a Kevin Mench.

But as I mentioned in one of the comments sections below, I do think that, if what is being reported is true, there is a downside to taking this sort of negotiating stance.

It is one thing to insist on getting value for your assets. It is another thing to insist on getting disproportionate value before you'll make a deal.