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Jonah Keri chat transcript

Jonah Keri of BP has a chat session transcript up...

Among other things, he hits on Jon Daniels and the Padilla deal:

RCCook (Dallas TX): Did the Rangers do well in picking up Vicente Padilla from the Phillies?

Jonah Keri: Unless the PTBNL is Mark Teixeira, sure, why not? Padilla will probably make $4-$5 million in arbitration at the most. Yes the Phillies were making noise about non-tendering him, but the Rangers may have had to give him a three-year deal if Padilla was exposed to the open market, as opposed to giving up a fringe prospect like Ricardo Rodriguez for him. Padilla's got some injury concerns, but in a crazy pitching market like this one this is an excellent one-year gamble.

I didn't think it was possible, but after this deal and the grand larceny that was the Soriano-Wilkerson/Sledge/Galarraga deal, Jon Daniels may actually outperform my already high expectations for him.