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Frantic activity in Kansas City

The Royals have signed a bunch of mediocrities, adding Paul Bako, Scott Elarton, Mark Grudzielanik, and Doug Mientkiewicz. I didn't even know Bako was still in baseball.

Man, it has to suck to be a Royals fan.

More interesting, though, from the Rangers' perspective, is that Ken Harvey and Matt Diaz are among those being DFA'd to make room for the quadumvirate of sucktitude.

Neither Diaz nor Harvey are real good, and neither can do anything besides hit, but both can hit lefties pretty well. And if the Rangers aren't going to give Jason Botts a shot at being the DH next season -- which seems to be the case -- then Diaz or Harvey would be a much better tag-team partner for Dellucci at the DH slot than Phil Nevin.