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D'Angelo Jimenez a Ranger

As hightowersmith mentions in the diary to the right, the Rangers have apparently signed D'Angelo Jimenez to a minor league deal.

Very interesting signing, and a nice signing, I think. He was in the Yankees system originally, and a lot of folks thought he was a better prospect than Alfonso Soriano when both were coming up. Unfortunately, a car accident resulted in a neck injury that knocked Jimenez off the fast track, and he was passed up by Soriano within the Yankees system.

He was a solid second baseman for the ChiSox and Reds from 2002 through 2004, then was awful in 2005, and he's gotten a reputation for being something of a headcase, and bad in the clubhouse.

Still, he's well worth the risk, particularly on a minor league deal, and I wouldn't be shocked if he were the Rangers' starting 2B on Opening Day, 2006.

If you are interested, BP did a Q&A session with him before the 2004 season...