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Adam Eaton wants $9 million per year

Remember when the Adam Eaton trade discussion were going around, and there were some who thought it might not be a bad deal because we could sign Eaton to an extension?

Well, ESPN's Jerry Crasnick has a new column up on the Eaton situation, which includes this little item on Eaton's salary demands:

Eaton's agent, Jim Lindell, said the Padres' interest in a multiyear contract cooled after Eaton went on the disabled list in June. Now A.J. Burnett's recent five-year, $55 million deal with Toronto has changed the landscape considerably.

"Adam definitely has interest in remaining a Padre,'' Lindell said. "If he had his druthers, that's what he'd like to do. But he's not going to do it at a significant discount.''

While Eaton and Lindell are looking for a three-year, $26 million-$27 million deal, the Padres recently floated a three-year offer believed to be for about $17 million.

And keep in mind, that's what they want for Eaton to play in the N.L., in a great pitcher's park, in a very nice part of the world, for the time he's spent his entire major league career with. One would have to guess that the asking price would go up, if it were the Rangers who were trying to get him to commit.

So, if the Rangers are going to trade for Eaton with the thought being they can sign him to an extension, they are going to have to be prepared to make a financial commitment to him that is significantly greater than his performance, to date, has warranted.