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Washburn reportedly to Seattle -- 4 years, $36-38 million

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Ridiculous money apparently being spent on Jarrod Washburn.

The Mariners are apparently on the verge of giving Washburn a 4 year, $36-38 million deal.

Yes, yes, I know Washburn was 4th in the A.L. in ERA last season.

But his peripherals were not good. Less than 5 strikeouts per 9 innings, and a less than overwhelming K/BB ratio.

Washburn's DIPS ERA was 4.55 for 2005, and his DIP% -- the ratio of his DIPS ERA to his actual ERA -- was the highest in the A.L. last year.

Translation? He wasn't the 4th best starting pitcher in the A.L. last season. He probably wasn't one of the 24 best starting pitchers in the A.L. last season, in fact.

He was, though, probably the luckiest pitcher in the A.L. last season.

Washburn will be 35 when this contract is up, and while he's probably a better gamble at Safeco than most other parks, I'm betting that, by the ASB 2007, the Mariners will be desperate to get someone to take him off their hands.

Update [2005-12-17 0:59:32 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Our friends at Lookout Landing react...