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On the second base situation

Interesting piece from Robert Falkoff on today...

Falkoff focuses on how Soriano's departure will result in a competition this spring for the second base job, although the tone of the article suggests that Kinsler is the front runner right now.

I've been a bit worried that the return of Mark DeRosa or the signing of D'Angelo Jimenez was indicative of a plan to have Kinsler return to AAA this year. But when the official Rangers website seems to indicate that those guys are there to provide competition for Kinsler, and as a safety net if he's having problems this spring, that makes me feel a little better.

Again, I don't have a problem with DeRosa being re-upped, and I thought the Jimenez signing was a great pickup. My only concern is if those guys -- particularly DeRosa -- are taking playing time away from guys like Kinsler.