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Sturm on Quality Starts

Over at his blog, Bob Sturm does a breakdown and analysis of quality starts by Rangers starters in 2005.

He points out that only three Rangers starters had even 50% quality starts -- Kenny Rogers, Juan Dominguez, and (ugh) Pedro Astacio, although he also points out that Kam Loe missed the 50% mark mainly because Buck was careful with him once he put him in the rotation, pulling him in the 6th a couple of times when he would have gotten credit for a quality start.

Sturm has this to say on Dominguez:

60% Quality Start Percentage??? If he isn't in the opening day rotation, this team needs its head examined. Dominguez may have his warts, but he also has the ability to be a dominant starter.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. The organization's reluctance to just put Dominguez in the rotation and leave him alone -- along with what seems to be a lot of fans who want to get rid of him, because the Rangers "can't count on him" or something like this -- baffles me.

I still believe that Dominguez has a better chance than anyone else in the organization right now of being a legit top of the rotation major league starter. I wish the Rangers would just stick him in the rotation for 2006, give him 32 starts, and see what he does with them.