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Potential non-tender list

December 20 is the deadline for offering arbitration to non-free-agent eligible players, and looks at the top non-tender candidates.

It is a pretty uninspiring group...of the players listed in the article, Hee Choi and Russ Branyan would be guys I'd pursue if the Rangers didn't already have a plethoa of lefty DH options. Gil Meche is listed as a potential non-tender, but our friends at Lookout Landing seem pretty sure that Meche will be back in Seattle next year.

Ryan Franklin is a righthanded flyball pitcher who isn't good, which makes him someone I'd avoid, and while Corey Patterson is on the potential non-tender list, I tend to believe that the Cubs will hang on to him. And again, the Rangers already have a bunch of mediocre outfielders on the team already...adding one more in Patterson wouldn't seem to do much.

There's also a bunch of bleah middle infielders out there...Junior Spivey is a potential non-tender, and given his Buck-ties, I would have thought the Rangers would be after him, but the D'Angelo Jimenez signing would seem to quash that.

Joe Borowski and Kyle Lohse are the only two guys the article talks about that I could see the Rangers making a serious run at, and even then, they aren't really anything special.

We'll have to see who ends up joining the free agent pool tomorrow, when the non-tender lists come out...but right now, there aren't really any names that quicken the pulse...