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Farnsworth to the Yanks, Castillo to the Twins

Two players that the Rangers were supposedly interested in are now off the market...

Kyle Farnsworth's 3 year, $17 million deal with the Yanks is apparently now a done deal, while the Marlins have traded Luis Castillo to the Twins for minor league pitchers Travis Bowyer and Scott Tyler.

I'm fine with the Rangers being out on both of these guys. Farnsworth is way overpriced, as the Oracle marvels, and at $6 million per year and the loss of a 2nd rounder, I'm happy to see that the Rangers passed.

As for Castillo, he's owed $11 million over the next two years, his defense has slipped a bit, and his offense is nice but not great. I'd rather go with Kinsler than give up a grade-B and a grade-C prospect for Castillo.

And for what it is worth, the Oracle and the Transaction Guy both like the deal for the Twins, although I think the gap between Jason Bartlett and Ian Kinsler is such that Castillo makes more sense for the Twins.