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Rangers to meet with Millwood

Evan Grant reports that Kevin Millwood is meeting with the Rangers on Tuesday, and cites one source as saying that the Rangers are serious contenders for Millwood.

Methinks the Rangers are being used to juice the bidding on Millwood...according to Grant:

Millwood reportedly already has four-year offers in the $45 million to $50 million range from Seattle and an unnamed East Coast team believed to be Baltimore, Boston or Washington. Millwood does not have a five-year offer.

Seattle's signing of Jarrod Washburn would seem to have knocked them out of the running, so Boras needs another contender to get the "unnamed East Coast team" to go to five years, $60 million or so.

That's probably the minimum the Rangers would need to offer Millwood to get him to come to Texas. And that's way too much for a guy who turns 31 this week, who has had some injury issues in the past, and who has basically been a league-average innings eater with a couple of scattered performance spikes.