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Spare pitchers hitting the market

Supposedly, Danny Kolb's likely to be non-tendered by the Brewers.

Not surprising, after he crashed and burned with the Braves...Doug Melvin wanted to bring him back, but apparently, not for as much money as Kolb wanted. I imagine the Brewers will try to re-sign him after non-tendering him.

Kolb's awful K-rate in 2004 foretold troubles for him in 2005, and I wouldn't be too interested in him except as an NRI.

The thing that amazes me about Kolb is that he turns 31 in March, even though he still sort of has the air of being a "young" pitcher with potential.

Kaz Ishii has also been released by the Mets. He's someone who some Rangers fans have talked about in the past, but he walks a ton of batters and gives up a lot of homers, and he's not good anyway, so I'd pass.

As ortonius mentioned in his diary, Wade Miller would be a good worth taking a flyer on. He may never end up coming all the way back, but he's a nice, low-risk guy to take a look at, in the hopes he could be another Chris Carpenter.