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DMN folks on the Rangers trade

We have blog entries on the DMN website from Todd Wills, Evan Grant, and Tim Cowlishaw.

Cowlishaw, in particular, seems like he's on to something here:

I just think there is something about these Rangers -- maybe about Buck Showalter, really -- that they tend to not like their own players and covet everyone else's.

The perception that Chris Young had a bad second half and so he will NEVER be any good in the Texas heat is just one of those things the Rangers trot out there.

Grant and Wills, on the other hand, think Gonzalez had little value and that this is a "risky trade," but not a dumb trade. While I agree it is a risky trade, the degree of risk -- in the cost, the potential upside of the acquistions, and the likelihood of Eaton being the #1 the Rangers think he can be -- is so high that I think it can safely be labelled dumb.

Grant seems to think that this is a deal that can help both teams, if Eaton and Young both perform well next season. But if Eaton performs well, and then leaves after the season, while Young performs well for San Diego, I don't see how this deal really helps Texas.

As for Wills...he's the person who said that Dirk Nowitzki was the third best player on the Mavs, so I have a hard time taking anything he says seriously right now.