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More Millwood mystery

Kathleen O'Brien reports on the Millwood situation today, although the news appears to be that no one knows nothin':

General manager Jon Daniels and others in the organization have been tight-lipped about the length and value of the contract offer to Millwood, who visited Texas on Tuesday and Wednesday. However, two sources said that reports that the Rangers' offer was for three years and more than $30 million were inaccurate.

Boras, who was in New York on Friday for the Yankees' introduction of new center fielder Johnny Damon, has not returned phone calls all week.

The Boston Herald is reporting that the BoSox met with Millwood yesterday, and that Millwood is supposedly seeking a six year deal.

I continue to be not too optimistic about Millwood landing here. If the bottom line is money, the Red Sox will probably have the advantage. It the most important thing is winning, then obviously, Boston has a huge edge.

The Rangers' main advantage would seem to be Millwood's purported unhappiness playing in the northeast during his stint with the Phillies. If quality-of-life issues are a major factor, then the Rangers may possibly have an edge there.

We'll have to see...