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Michael Young and Mark Teixeira weigh in

T.R. Sullivan has an article up as well, that includes some quotes from a couple of key Rangers on the revamped rotation:

"I think it's great," first baseman Mark Teixeira said. "It gives us the No. 1 starter that we've been lacking for the last couple of years and makes our whole rotation better."

Millwood is expected to be Texas' No. 1 starter unless ...

Remember, Roger Clemens is still out there.
* * *
"We're all pretty excited about it," shortstop Michael Young said. "The biggest thing in the American League West is pitching. You've got to be able to make sure you match up, and I think Millwood can go out there and match up with a guy like Bartolo Colon or Barry Zito.

"The things that Millwood has done speak for themselves. He's played on great teams, competed in postseason and led great pitching staffs. It's a great signing for us."

Padilla was acquired from the Philadelphia Phillies, and Eaton is part of a six-player trade with the San Diego Padres that hasn't been announced because reliever Akinori Otsuka hasn't completed his physical.

So while club officials remain mum on two prized pitching acquisitions, Teixeira said the front office has done its job in turning the Rangers into contenders.

"If we play up to our abilities, then we should be a contender," Teixeira said. "It's up to the players to perform, but I think we're a better team. You have to applaud Mr. Hicks for signing Millwood, and you have to applaud Jon Daniels for making the deals that have made us better.

"As a player, you never want to hear somebody say, `We've done enough; let's stop.' I think we've done enough to put ourselves in a position to where we have a chance to compete, but I'm sure, if something else comes up, Jon Daniels will jump on it."

Big, big difference in what these guys have been saying the last eighteen months, and what they are saying today.

And I'm really glad to hear them saying it...