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A couple of Rangers items from Rosenthal

A new column is up from Ken Rosenthal, with a couple of interesting Rangers-related items included.

First, Rosenthal reports that the Padres are ready to roll with a catching tandem of Miguel Olivo and David Ross. I have to wonder if that's just spin, while the Padres are still looking for catching help, but if it is true, it means the most likely suitor for Gerald Laird is no longer in after him. Rosenthal also quotes Padres g.m. as saying that a trade of Adam Eaton to the Rangers, or any other team, is remote.

In addition, Rosenthal indicates that the price for Paul Byrd looks like it will be close to $7 million per year for 3 years, and he identifies Texas, Anaheim, Cleveland, and Seattle as the leading contenders for him.

That's a lot of money for Byrd. But before we get worked up about the market being too out of control, remember that the Rangers gave Darren Oliver a 3 year, $19 million deal after the 2000 season. If the Rangers could get Byrd for that sort of contract, I think they have to do it.