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Terry Ryan thinks Jon Daniels is dumb

Today's ridiculous trade report from the MSP Press...

If the Twins can't trade the high-priced Lohse, they might not have enough money to land a power hitter. Ryan has tried to package Lohse in a trade to Texas for power-hitting third baseman Hank Blalock, who is owed $13.9 million over the next three seasons from an original five-year deal. Blalock likely would fit into the Twins' financial structure, and he would kill two balls with one bat, because the Twins wouldn't necessarily need to acquire a DH.

But the Rangers want either Francisco Liriano or Scott Baker to be a part of the deal. Ryan will not deal either hot pitching prospect.

If I had Kyle Lohse on my team this offseason, I'd probably non-tender him, because he's going to make more in arbitration than he's probably worth. He's a bad fit in Texas, due to his pitching style. And he's not particularly good.

And the Twins want to send him to the Rangers for Blalock?