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BA's Rule 5 preview

With the Rule 5 draft coming on Thursday, BA has a preview of the most interesting prospects left exposed.

The only Ranger who rates a mention is Drew Meyer, who, as has been discussed before, is the type of versatile utility man/pinch runner who can stick as the 25th man on a roster.

The Rangers would seem to be unlikely to make a selection this year -- they have 4 open slots on the 40 man roster, but will probably fill those, plus one or two more, with offseason additions -- but if they do pop someone from another roster, the name to watch is probably Corwin Malone.

Malone was one of the eight players that the Rangers could choose from in the Carl Everett trade. While they selected Josh Rupe, Frankie Francisco, and Anthony Webster, they later claimed Ruddy Yan (who was on the list) and Ryan Wing (whom the Rangers wanted on the list, but the ChiSox refused to include) off of waivers. He's a big, hard-throwing lefty who was coming off T-J surgery last season, and given the Rangers' familiarity with him, I wouldn't be surprised if they selected him.