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Some items from the winter meetings

Per Evan Grant in the DMN this morning, the Rangers are interested in Juan Pierre, but the asking price for him is supposedly either Thomas Diamond or John Danks.

My response would be hell, no. Pierre just isn't that good of a player.

T.R. Sullivan is reporting that the Rangers talked to the Padres again about Adam Eaton, and says that the Padres "really want Laird," but a Gerald Laird/Adrian Gonzalez package is more than they want to give up for Eaton, leading Texas to seek more from the Padres in the deal.

Sullivan also says that the Rangers might have to deal Laynce Nix to get Pierre from the Marlins, and that the asking price for Barry Zito appears to be something like Kevin Mench, Ian Kinsler, and either Danks or Diamond.

Free agents that the Rangers are supposedly looking at include Braden Looper, Roberto Hernandez, Reggie Sanders, Juan Encarnacion, and Preston Wilson, along with their ongoing pursuit of Matt Morris and Octavio Dotel.

Looper is coming off a bad year, but might not be a bad risk on a one year deal. Hernandez, I'm not terrible interested in.

Of the outfielders, Sanders would be a great pickup, and Wilson might not be a bad guy to go with a one year deal. He can play either center field or a corner spot, and he's hit in the past, although he cratered late in the season for Washington.

I've got zero interest in Juan Encarnacion, though.