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Rangers rumors from the Northeast

A couple of interesting items from up north...

The Newark Star-Ledger has this update on the Soriano/Mets situation:

The Texas Rangers have been trying to engage the Mets in talks for second baseman Alfonso Soriano, with the hope of getting Benson or Steve Trachsel in return. But so far, the Mets seem focused on Ramirez as their next big bat and Mark Grudzielanek as their second baseman.

I'm underwhelmed by Benson or Trachsel for Soriano.

The Providence Journal, meanwhile, is describing the Rangers' interest in Manny Ramirez as being on the "back burner," and says that they are instead focusing on trying to get Matt Clement from Boston.

Clement depends on the price, of course...but he's someone I'd definitely be interested in, if the BoSox are looking to move him.