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Soriano to the Dodgers? Laird to the Padres?

Per's rumors section, Peter Gammons says that an Alfonso Soriano for Jonathon Broxton deal is close.

Broxton is a big, 6'4", 21 year old righty reliever prospect who supposedly can get it up to 100 mph. He was the #14 prospect in the Southern League this year, per BA, which would put him in the same general region as DVD.

If true, then a good deal for Texas.

There's also a rumor going around about an Adam Eaton for Gerald Laird deal being imminent.

While it wouldn't suck as much as the rumored Gonzalez/Laird for Eaton deal, that would still be a crappy trade.

I've talked about this at length, but to summarize...

  1. Laird is a pretty good, cheap catcher under team control for five more years
  2. Eaton is a mediocre starting pitcher who can't stay healthy, will make about $5 million in 2006, and is a free agent after the season.
So you're giving up the next 5 years of Laird for one year of Eaton, and Laird is a pretty decent bet to be a better player than Eaton (not to mention the about-to-be-overpaid-should-be-a-backup Rod Barajas) in 2006.

Hopefully, this rumor isn't true.