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One other Broxton and DVD note

It occurs to me that a Soriano-for-Broxton deal could be a prelude for another deal.

After all, picking up another young AA pitcher gives the Rangers some flexibility to move one of their young pitchers in another deal for immediate help.

Since a team is going to want Soriano to win now, you are more likely to get a prospect for him than a major leaguer. It may be that, to get that pitcher or centerfielder the Rangers want for Soriano, they'll have to first deal Soriano for a prospect or two.

So, with that in mind, could this be the precursor to the Pierre-for-Diamond deal that was being talked about a couple of days ago?

And if so, does the remaining group of AA pitchers -- Broxton, Volquez and Danks -- start being known as the BVD guys?