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The official Rangers website has some stuff on the Rangers and the winter meetings...

The main news from this piece:

San Diego general manager Kevin Towers shot down an Adam Eaton-for-Gerald Laird rumor on Tuesday at the Winter Meetings.

Good. I hope Towers is telling the truth.

With Wednesday's arbitration deadline looming, Daniels said the club has made a decision on whether to offer arbitration to Kenny Rogers.

"But we're not ready to announce it yet," Daniels said.

Good. I hope the decision is to offer him arbitration...there's no downside to it, after all.

Meanwhile, the Rangers continue to show interest in Florida outfielder Juan Pierre. But it might take a top pitching prospect such as John Danks or Thomas Diamond to get Pierre, who is being chased by other clubs.

"We've talked to them a little bit and I think we have an idea of what the asking price is," Daniels said.

Pass on a D or D to get Pierre.

One of the things that struck me in the article, while Daniels might still be learning some of the other aspects of his job, I think he has the art of non-committal g.m.-speak down pat.