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More winter meetings stuff

T.R. Sullivan has a bunch of Rangers notes this morning...

Per Sullivan, the Rangers have offered a contract to Brett Tomko (bleah) and have offered 3 years, $25 million to Matt Morris. I'm underwhelmed by Tomko, of course, but on Matt Morris, that's a pretty strong offer. It is also the first I've heard about the Rangers making a three year offer to Morris, although the Providence Journal today also says that the Rangers have offered Morris three years. The fact that he's still playing coy makes me wonder how much interest he really has in coming to Texas...

To go along with Tomko in the "scrub pitcher update," Sullivan says that the Rangers "are expected to sign" former Buck favorite Brian Anderson, who signed a free agent deal with the Royals a little while back and promptly flamed out. I'd assume that's a minor league deal, but you can never tell for sure...the DMN is reporting, after all, that John Wasdin, of all people, is going to get a major league contract from the Rangers, which is pretty senseless.

The Rangers are also supposed to talk to Scott Boras about Kevin Millwood today.

On the trade front, Sullivan says that the Rangers talked about a Soriano for Broxton deal with the Dodgers, and talked to the Royals about Soriano for Kris Benson. Obviously, Benson would be someone who could contribute immediately in the rotation, but I'm not a big Benson guy, and I think the Mets overpaid him to get him to re-sign before the 2005 season. Sullivan also says that the Rangers have talked to Boston about a Soriano deal involving Matt Clement or Bronson Arroyo.

The L.A. Times also confirms that the Dodgers have talked to Texas about Soriano, as does the L.A. Daily News.

Sullivan says that, among the Mench suitors, we apparently have the Pirates offering Mark Redman (which the Rangers are apparently not that interested in, per both Sullivan and The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Kansas City with the ever-present Affeldt or MacDougall package on the table, and the Cubs offering Corey Patterson, although out of Chicago, the Daily Herald and the Sun-Times both indicate that the Cubs and Rangers are talking Sergio Mitre for Mench.

Sullivan also says that the Jays' interest in Mench has "cooled" of late.

Sullivan also reports that the Marlins seems mighty impressed with the value of Juan Pierre:

The Rangers were told that it would take catcher Gerald Laird, infielder Ian Kinsler and minor league pitcher Eric Hurley to get Pierre.

Yeah, I'll pass...although New York Newsday says the Yankees might go after GMJ if the Rangers get Pierre.