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A trade of highly-touted prospect busts

The Padres and D-Rays have made a trade, with Sean Burroughs going to the D-Rays for Dewon Brazelton.

Pretty interesting trade there. Brazelton was selected right before Mark Teixeira in the 2001 draft, and Burroughs, at around that same time, was being talked about as one of the top 5 or so prospects in all of baseball.

Both of them have turned out to pretty much be busts, although I like this deal more for the Padres than the D-Rays. Burroughs had nowhere to play and was arbitration eligible this year...Brazelton, though, is someone they might be able to get straightened out in the bullpen.

Kind of a funny deal, though. It would be like, 3-4 years from now, the Rangers sending Thomas Diamond to the Brewers for Prince Fielder, after they both flamed out.