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More Rule 5 stuff

BP has a rundown of the Rule 5 draft in general in their free section today.

As part of their pay section, though, and more interesting, is their Top 20 eligible prospects list.

John Hudgins is one of the more surprising names on the list, at #10, the highest ranked RHP on the list. I like Hudgins, of course, but thought his struggles at AAA and his ending the season early due to injury would keep him off the radar. David Regan, though, thinks Hudgins could get selected and stick in a bullpen.

The other players mentioned are Drew Meyer, who is listed at #13 due to his defensive versatility, speed, and ability to hit for a little bit of average, and Vince Sinisi and Anthony Webster, who make the "also watch" list.

As a reminder, the Rule 5 draft is tomorrow, mid-day, I believe.