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Fans ripping the Rangers

The DMN is running an online poll on the Soriano trade, asking for a "Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down" on the trade...

Right now, the voting is 62/38 "Thumbs Down," and some of the comments that are included are particularly enlightening as to the mindset:

this is terrible. im a lifelong ranger fan and i've been excited about the winter meetings. i am about to give up on the rangers. trade soriano for no pitching and not very good offensive players. i am done with the rangers unless they show me matt morris and barry zito.

You can't trade Soriano for a .250 hitter, fourth OF and a pitching prospect. It reminds me of the Juan Gonzalez deal and we all remember how that turned out. Wilkerson doesn't seem to be much better than Delucci. Sheesh!

The Rangers are obviously feeling the pressure to make a move during the winter meetings. Soriano's value is much more than what this trade indicates. JD left money on the table...

I confess to knowing next to nothing about the two outfielders in question, and one seems to be a decent, if not spectacular center field prospect. But a unheralded centerfielder, a young (and recently hurt) ulility outfielder, and a low minor league pitcher for an youngish All-star second baseman? Seems like 1) we got the short end of the stick and 2) didn't really address any serious needs. Plus, who's going to play second base? The kid who bounced back and forth between AA/AAA and the majors (whose name I obviously forget) didn't look major league ready to me. Maybe it's the predecessor to a much bigger and better deal, but personally, I'm not impressed at all.

Does Braddy boy pitch? Does that answer the question?....... Did we get a pick for Rogers?....... What idiots.....oh the owner is still calling the wonder........

Is this a joke? Who did we get in return? Give me a break. MeMo to Rangers management: We need good, established pitchers.

you have got to be kidding me. Let's assume it was done to facilitate another trade. Even with that, couldn't they have gotten better outfielders than sledge and wilkerson for an all-star with a rare blend of speed and power? Geez. I give up on the Rangers.

And this helps our pitching how?

I don't mind loosingSorriano, he's basically a non factor and horrible at 2nd, but coudln't they at least get somthing decent for him?

We got nothing in return for one of the best offensive players in the league. Hope they use the extra money to sign a pitcher!! Knowing Tom Hicks, he'll just pocket the money again.

This is a horrible trade. What is Daniels thinking? They could have gotten way better returns for Soriano than these three average players. This could be the worst move in franchise history and that's saying alot. Why bust up our Hall of Fame infield for this?

This makes no baseball sense. The Rangers now have less talent on the field and they still have not picked up a pitcher. Someone tell me about this pitcher they got...will we ever see him in Arlington? Other than the grandstands as a fan?

Trading Soriano did NOT address our pitching needs. For one of the hottest free agents on the market we receive 2 middle-rung OF's and a pitching prospect ???

Lets see the new guys hit 30 homers, get 85-90 runs, and hit for high rbi's. Let's see here, first it was Blalock for AJ Burnett, now we get no-names for soriano..not even a decent pitching prospect....Ticket buying fans, lets not make any plans for October just yet...