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BA on some trades

Baseball America has the run downs on the latest trades in their Trade Central section...

Everyone should definitely check out their breakdown of the Soriano deal, and in particular their analysis of Sledge (who they think could hold down left if Mench is dealt) and Galarraga.

The other interesting deal non-Rangers deal that I haven't really commented on BA goes into is the Edgar Renteria for Andy Marte trade.

Even with the BoSox kicking in $11 million towards Renteria's salary, I don't like this trade for the Braves...a top prospect like Marte should fetch more than a decent veteran shortstop. BA's analysis of Marte as a prospect, though, does sort of send up some warning signs, and Marte seems a little reminiscent of Russ Branyan -- another hot 3B prospect once upon a time, with big power potential and lots of strikeouts.

Still, Marte is too much to give up for Renteria...very nice deal for the Red Sox...