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So, do we want Tejada?

Miguel Tejada is mad at the Orioles, and has requested a trade.

Should the Rangers be interested?

Short answer. Yes. No question. Jon Daniels should be on the phone with the Orioles right now. Tejada is one of the best players in the A.L., his contract isn't outrageous (4 years, $50 million remaining), and his still young enough that you wouldn't need to worry about a big decline.

Plus, he has a reputation for being a great clubhouse guy and a real team leader.

So if you are Daniels, what sort of offer would you make to try to get Tejada here?

Me, I'd probably offer Blalock, Danks and Arias, and offer to take Javy Lopez and his bad contract back in return. See if that gets their attention.