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Evan Grant on the Domino Effect

Evan Grant has a piece in the DMN on how the Soriano deal, which gave the Rangers a fair amount of outfield depth due to the addition of Wilkerson and Sledge, could create a domino effect as outfielders are dealt from Texas for pitching.

The troubling indication from Grant is that the Rangers could be just turning around and dealing Wilkerson. Grant says that the Rangers could do a deal with Toronto, with some combination of Ted Lilly, Brandon League, Miguel Batista, and Orlando Hudson coming to Texas for a package that included Wilkerson. I don't think I'd like that.

Also, Grant says that San Diego is willing to re-open Adam Eaton talks, if they can get Wilkerson away from Texas, which, again, I don't like.

We also have this little bit of news...

And the Rangers are - for now - expecting Ian Kinsler to compete with Mark DeRosa for the second base job next spring.

There is no way Mark DeRosa should be the Rangers 2006 second baseman. No, no, no.