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Galloway: Daniels gets an "F"

Randy Galloway rips the Soriano trade this morning, giving Jon Daniels an "F", and offering "analysis" on the deal that could have been taken directly from the whines in the DMN poll:

With Sori's game, the pros outweigh the cons. That means bat compared with glove.

And don't give me all your seam-headed statistical mumbo-jumbo. Check the overall plate numbers. Better yet, watch the damn games.

This guy is not pitcher-friendly. He's a cold-blooded, free-swinging hitter who produces runs.

So Galloway doesn't care what the stats say, if you watch the game, you would know how great Soriano is.

Galloway also says that he "seriously doubts" that Wilkerson can be flipped for a starting pitcher, which just goes to show he's been following the Cowboys the last couple of months, and not baseball.

I like Galloway, but he's dead wrong here. Wilkerson is a better player than Soriano, and this deal makes the Rangers better, not worse.