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More reviews of the Soriano trade

Rob Neyer weighs in, saying that the Rangers made out like bandits because they got the better player and will be paying him half what Soriano will make in 2006.

And as poster Longhorn noted, Beyond the Box Score has its analysis up, and they seem impressed:

Well...something tells me Jim Bowden isn't going to be handed his dream job in Boston anytime soon. Was it the fact that he made a smart move or two before this that caused this to happen? Netting a useful pitcher in exchange for Vinny Castilla, therefore starting Ryan Zimmerman at third, not overpaying for Esteban Loiaza with the limited resources of the Nats, not overpaying for Burnett, etc. All of that seemed like progress, but then he went and traded one of his best players and two other players for someone who will now be one of the worst players on a last place team...and cost upwards of $10 million.