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Welcome to

Adam's old blog,, has moved. We are now

As I had alluded to at the old site, this move has been in the works for a while. I've joined up with SportsBLOGS, a consortium of sports blogs which has just recently launched. You can read more about the SportsBLOGS setup here.

I'm excited to be part of this group. SportsBLOGS is run by Markos of The Daily Kos fame, and the team blogs include Jeff Sullivan from Lookout Landing and Tyler Bleszinski of Athletics Nation.

In addition, SportsBLOGS' stable of writers includes John Sickels, most recently of ESPN, whose Minor League Ball blog is part of the family here, as well. The links to those sites, along with the other SportsBLOGS sites, are to the right.

One of the new features is the "Diaries" function in the upper right hand section of the site. Basically, if one of you wants to rant, rave, celebrate, or vent, and don't want to wait for me to open a thread, the "Diaries" allows you to incorporate your own thoughts into the blog.

I'm really excited to be joining these folks, and I hope all of you who have been reading me the last 18 months at my old blog will join us over here at SportsBLOGS.