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Minor league games tonight -- update

Frisco is up on Corpus, 4-1 in the fifth. The strange thing is that the box score is showing Frankie Francisco as the starting pitcher for Frisco, and that he's gone four innings.

I didn't think he was scheduled to pitch today, and I wouldn't think the Rangers would stretch him out that far, this soon, if he were. It could be that they are pushing him, wanting him back quickly with Dickey's injury and the problems in the pen. Or it could be that the box has the wrong pitcher identified. But whoever it is, he's struck out 5 and walked 0 in 4 innings, allowing 1 run on a homer.

At AAA, Ricardo Rodriguez is having a solid outing, with 2 hits and 2 walks allowed against 4 strikeouts through 4 innings. Update [2005-4-14 22:18:1 by Adam J. Morris]: The pitcher listed as Francisco has gone 7 innings, so I'm almost sure the box has it wrong. I'm guessing it is Matt Lorenzo.