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Sickels on Cano

John Sickels, whose Minor League Ball website is part of the SportsBLOGS family (and should be a regular read for the serious sports fan, has a scouting report on Robinson Cano up...

Cano might be of interest to Rangers fans, because he was one of the prospects the Rangers had to choose from last year as part of the ARod trade. The Rangers, of course, picked Joaquin Arias, a selection that looks pretty good right now, although Sickels puts Cano as a B-, while Arias is a C+.

I'm a bit curious about why Cano rates higher in Sickels' mind. My guess would be that it is due to Cano showing superior power thusfar, and has played at higher levels, although Cano is a couple of years older than Arias, and appears to have more issues defensively.

Arias is hitting .276/.344/.379 right now for AA Frisco, while Cano is hitting .395/.425/.842 for AAA Columbus.

I had wanted the Rangers to pick third baseman Bronson Sardinha, who is currently sporting a .219/.286/.313 line for AA Trenton.