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A rivalry with Oakland?

This morning's DMN has a piece on the possibly burgeoning rivalry between Texas and Oakland.

As I mentioned earlier this spring, a rivalry between the clubs wouldn't be a bad thing at all. There used to be something of a rivalry between Texas and Seattle, particularly back in 1996 when it seemed like Texas could beat anyone but the Mariners, and Seattle was going to keep Texas from winning their first-ever division title.

But the Rangers have been too bad the last several years to really warrant having a true rivalry, other than the ridiculous "Silver Boot" that no one other than Drayton McLane really cares about.

I don't know if the situation with Oakland and Texas has really gotten to the point of being a "rivalry", but we'll have to see what happens today and tomorrow...a few dinged batters, hard slides or brushback pitches could help crank things up a couple of notches...