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Almanzar to the d.l., Benoit activated

Carlos Almanzar has been sent to the disabled list with "elbow inflammation", although there is no telling whether this injury has been contributing to his current problems, or whether this is just an excuse to put him on the d.l. and give him a chance to work out his problems on a rehab assignment.

Joaquin Benoit, meanwhile, whose rehab appearances the team was supposedly underwhelmed by, is taking his place on the roster, and will apparently step back into the middle relief role that he had some success in last season.

Benoit, like Matt Riley, is out of options, meaning that both of those players have to stick on the roster from here on out, or be exposed to waivers. The team seems to have lost just about all patience with Benoit, and this is probably his last chance to stick, although I think he's shown he can be a pretty serviceable middle reliever. This is an organization, though, that puts a lot of emphasis on character and "doing the little things", and Benoit doesn't seem to get high marks in either category, for whatever reason.