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Matt Riley clears waivers

Matt Riley has cleared waivers and been assigned to AAA Oklahoma, where I'm guessing he'll go into the starting rotation.

Baltimore was willing to deal him to Texas because they didn't believe that they could sneak him through waivers this spring, but Riley's awful first month of the season apparently scared off any other interested clubs.

The best thing for Riley and the Rangers would be to leave him in AAA and let him start every fifth day the rest of the season. At some point later this season, there's probably going to be a point where there's a temptation to bring Riley back up and let him fill in in the pen for a week or 10 days, but the Rangers need to resist that urge...the whole point of acquiring Riley is that he's a high-upside project, and the only way he's going to develop is to get the chance to pitch regularly and see if he can get his command issues worked out. Now that he's made it through waivers, the risk involved in bringing him back up in a bullpen filler role and then sending him back through again would just be too great.